Pinta Platform 2019

"In this edition, Pinta Platform has gathered a group of six individual projects that highlight the role assumed by art in new perception models, within the extensive moment of change that explains the post-human emergency in which we are immersed. Special interest is dedicated to projects that explore materiality, and focus on the groundwork of two dimensionality. The six Platforms of Pinta Miami 2019 present contrasting spaces that address the concern for molding certainties (aesthetic, cosmic, physical and historical) within this turn that has put in check the presumption of humanity, production, and the status quo. "




Roc Laseca is an art theorist and curator. His research lies on the prevalence of institutional thought -as applied to art, architecture and museums, on the creation and fall of contemporary communities. A doctor in Art Theory and Cultural Prospective, he studied at Universidad de La Laguna, Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Helsinki University. Since 2013, he serves as Director of Los Encuentros Denkbilder, the biannual experimental artistic exchange program that takes place in the Canary Islands, for which he has devised each edition with the directors and academic directors of Tate Modern, London, École Nationale de Beaux-Arts, Paris and MoMA, New York, among others.

Laseca is currently Head of the International Exhibitions Program at Saludarte Foundation / Ideobox Artspace where he has launched the "Uprooting Architecture Exhibition Series" and the International Seminar "Latin Off Latin: Collecting Latin American Art Outside Latin America", in collaboration with the regional curators at the Guggenheim Museum, MOCA Los Angeles, and Museo del Barrio, New York.

Some of his most recent curating projects include solo exhibitions and site-specific programs by Jannis Kounellis, Jesper Just, Joseph Kosuth, Magdalena Fernández, Marcius Galan, Lydia Okumura, and Carlos Garaicoa, among others. In 2012, he curated the Bill Viola solo survey at MOCA North Miami that was critically acclaimed and awarded the New Times Best Museum Exhibit and for which he was recipient of a nomination for the AICA-USA Awards 2013.

His most recent book The Unstoppable Museum. On Soft and Genuine Institutionalism has been published by Ediciones Metales Pesados, 2015.