Dec. 5 - 8, 2024
The Modern & Contemporary Latin American Art Show

Pinta Miami returns to The Grove

Pinta Miami celebrates its eighteenth iteration at "The Hangar," the newest venue in the Coconut Grove art community. The Fair presents modern and contemporary Latin American and Spanish art at a geographic crossroads. During Miami Art Week, new visitors will connect with the largest national and international art enthusiasts and collectors in this landmark building of singular distinction.

"The Hangar," as we know it today, is located on Dinner Key, once a small island in Biscayne Bay that was connected to the mainland in 1914. The original hangar was built in 1918 during World War I to serve as a training ground for the Navy. That building was destroyed by a hurricane in 1926. A few years later, in 1930, the newly launched Pan American Airways selected Dinner Key as its base for its inter-American operations. The following year, in 1931, Pan American opened the first hangar and expanded the facilities at Dinner Key with the construction of Pan American's terminal building, now City Hall, and additional hangars. Pan Am's seaplanes revolutionized air travel by offering Flying Clipper service for the first time to Latin America.

In the Hangar, Pinta Miami embraces the artistic and historical sites of an iconic community and its historic connections to Latin America. In return, the Fair offers a dynamic showcase of world-class art created in the Americas and Spain.


Julia P. Herzberg, Ph.D., Art Historian and Curator.

Specialist in Contemporary and Modern Art.