Dec. 5 - 8, 2024
The Modern & Contemporary Latin American Art Show

Installations - Special Project

Curator Felix Suazo

The Special Projects of Pinta Miami 2023 keep the focus on the relationship between art and its environment —whether intellectual, social, or natural— through a selection of site-specific installations by Anna Biondo, Carola Bravo, and Alberto Cavalieri. The works have been conceived for the outdoor areas of The Hangar, Pan American's former base in Coconut Grove.

Anna Biondo claims the necessary symbiosis of the natural and the human, using materials, shapes, and colors that evoke flight and healing. 

Support by The55project

Carola Bravo addresses the issue of immigration —one of the most controversial issues of contemporaneity— seeking an empathetic and reflexive reception.  

Support by Churromania

Alberto Cavalieri focuses his work on the friction between desires and needs in the process of cultural valuation and legitimization, combining the material, the textual, and the intangible.

Support by Art Nouveau Gallery, Miami.


From this platform, Pinta Miami 2023 extends its support for the public dissemination of contemporary art, in the face of a world full of challenges, which demands a strong commitment to creation, coexistence, and mutual respect.



About the Artists


Alberto Cavalieri is an artist focused on the aesthetic resignification of signs, materials, and ideas through objects, sculptures, and installations. His most widespread works combine the hardness of the support and the flexibility of the form, seeking to generate contradictory situations that have their basis in the conflicts of life. Parallel to this, he has conceived a series of works where he addresses the problem of the reification of intangible values, associated with survival, consumption, finance, and art. His interest consists in recreating symbolic equivalences between need, desire, and the criteria of social legitimization. The Latin Artists Stocks Tower installation consists of poured concrete blocks, each of which bears an engraved inscription "in negative" that identifies it with an artist or a relevant work, which has become a model of symbolic distinction and a "cult object." (Félix Suazo. "Alberto Cavalieri. Values and Wishes". February, 2022).

Alberto Cavalieri (Caracas, 1969). Visual artist. He studied industrial design, engineering, and art. He has exhibited his work individually and collectively in Venezuela, Spain, England, Mexico, Colombia, Canada, and the United States, among other countries. His work is part of public and private collections in Venezuela, Ecuador, and the United States. He has also developed public art projects, integrated into architecture and urban space. He lives and works in Miami, United States, since 2016.


Anna Biondo

Anna Biondo is Bachelor in Art and Design from Faculdade de Belas Artes de São Paulo (Sao Paulo Fine Arts College), 2002; Postgraduate in Visual Arts from Universidade Santa Marcelina (Santa Marcelina University), under the guidance of Leda Catunda, 2004; Attended visual arts classes at the University of Santa Barbara, California, 2000. Worked as an assistant curator at the Museum of Modern Art – MAM, Sao Paulo, 2004 - 2007. Art Therapy Volunteer at the Miami Children’s Hospital, 2008 - 2015. Creator in partnership of Mundo da Imaginação (World of Imagination), Teatrando (“Theatering”), and Colorful Feelings, personal development programs for children through the Arts. Attended art classes at Parque Lage, Rio de Janeiro, 2020 - 2022. Currently Director of Special Programs at The55project (non-profit Visual Arts organization) Postgraduate in Analytical Psychology at the Freedom Institute, 2021 - 2023. Anna has been engaged in art for several years. Fiber has inhabited her creations since 1998, applying layers to her narratives and her malleable artworks.

Surrendered by the movement of transformation and experiencing that place where time does not exist. Where the man’s laws nothing is allowed, where the infinite laws integrate the permeate the soul. The non-literal representation communicates the notion of each person’s flight. The gesture, movement, and symbolism represent spiritual union.

This malleable sculpture parallels the first Constantin Brancusi sculpture inspired by the Romanian legend Pasarea Maiastra, the mythical creature. The shape and symbolism of the mythical magical, the sacred bird, translates into unity origins of different mythologies and the approximation that everything and everyone is interconnected in some way is a constellation of the collective unconscious. In Iranian mythology, Huma is a bird who flies invisibility, in Greek mythology the phoenix is connected to the sun and rebirth, in Hindi legend, the peacock is Lakshmi's bird, and the eye on the peacock feather represents the unconscious.

“The shape” appear to me in a dream, I spent months searching for the shape and I finally found it within inside another one of my artworks, liberated the birds so they now have the freedom, and can be installed anywhere, like that dream, being able to fly.

The softened form shows the movement of freedom and many possibilities within itself, bringing closer the spirit of nature and the forces of spiritualism.”


Carola Bravo  

Multimedia artist Carola Bravo (born in Caracas, Venezuela; lives and works in Miami, FL) challenges the concept of migration as a norm and not a crisis by using the traditional image of a general traffic sign, showing silhouettes of herself carrying suitcases and a text with the phrase: Yield to Immigrants. The work addresses the tension between migration issues and the authority of public signs as civic markers. It also questions how manipulating traditional public signs alters their meaning, reminding us about the value of inclusion and our critical role in society.

Carola Bravo is a Miami-based artist well known for her immersive video-installations, site-specific installations, urban interventions, and intimate studio artworks that address space, changing territories, and their geometry.  Bravo is a Doctorate Candidate for a Ph.D. in Architecture from The Central University in Venezuela, from where she also obtained a Master in Art History. She received her BSc in Architecture from the Philadelphia Colleges of the Arts, Philadephia, USA. Her work has been exhibited at international art biennales and art fairs, museums, institutions, and galleries. Her work is included in numerous major private collections as well as permanent collections. Bravo has also been commissioned by several institutions to design public interventions.