Dec. 6 - 10, 2023
The Modern & Contemporary Latin American Art Show

Josefina Valenzuela


Josefina (1987, Santiago, Chile) studied Fine Arts at Universidad Católica of Chile and has a master’s degree in Artistic Investigation and Production from Universidad de Barcelona.
Her work has been shown individually in Galería NAC (2015, 2019) and collectively in various places of Santiago, Chile, and Barcelona, Spain, such as Galería 314 (2022), Local Arte Contemporáneo (2022), CV Galería (2022), Museo de Artes Visuales (2020, 2014), Galería Angels (2019), Sant Andreu Contemporani (2018) and Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (2013). She has also participated in a residence program at Fábrica de Creación Fabra i Coats (2018) and was awarded with Fundación Guasch’s Artistic Creation Scholarship (2017 – 2018), both in Barcelona, Spain. In Santiago, Chile, she won the FONDART Regional Scholarship (2014).


The starting point of my works is the observation of situations, encounters or visual discrepancies and materials in my daily surroundings. I understand this as small occurrences or day-to-day images that subjectively reactivate the space, as well as activating our capacity to pay attention. Through drawing, understood in broad terms, and sculpture, I develop a material exploration with emphasis in the constructive process of a piece and the meaning this gives it.
I work with industrial and everyday use materials, along with objects that I have crafted. I intend to reflect about the limit between object and material, when one becomes the other and how they reinterpret themselves through a plastic reformulation, but keeping their former use and value present.

Josefina Valenzuela
Title: Borro y veo II
Medium: Dibujo con carboncillo y goma de borrar sobre papel.

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