Dec. 6 - 10, 2023
The Modern & Contemporary Latin American Art Show
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Alejandro Tobón


Alejandro Tobón is a visual artist from the National University of Colombia. He has participated in solo exhibitions, such as: (2019) " Fossils in Motion"; La Cometa Gallery, Bogota, Colombia. (2017) "Natures Diffèrentes"; Saint Merry Cultural Center, Paris, France. (2013) " Out Below"; La Cometa Gallery, Bogota. Group exhibitions: (2018) "Scope"; Art Fair, Katapult Gallery, Basel, Switzerland. (2017) Sculpture Courtyard; MAMM. (2014) Pinta, Art Fair London, England. (2013) "No Place, No Head"; Mark Hachem Gallery, Paris, France. (2012)" Preview", art fair, Berlin, Germany. (2019) winner monumental work " Medellin in the Open Sky" and commission monumental work in the Plaza de Toros La Serrezuela, Cartagena, Colombia. (2012) Residency JA.CA, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil; among others. His work can be found in national and international collections such as the Leo Burnett Collection or the Museum of Antioquia.


Alejandro Tobón ponders on the historical processes of colonization and annihilation that transform our relationship with the land. Thus, this work questions the dynamics under which the territory acquires mercantile characteristics and, despite being a common natural element, is distributed in a systematic and fragmented way. Using geometric and organic forms, with constructive principles typical of craftsmanship, architecture and industry, Tobón creates a form and surface that occupies a place and invites the viewer to interact, generating effects and paths that show the human presence on the territory.

Alejandro Tobón
Title: Nido
Serie: Different Natures
Medium: Ensamblaje en madera / wood assemblage
Year: 2021.
Dimensions: 150 x 30 cm diameter,

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