Dec. 6 - 10, 2023
The Modern & Contemporary Latin American Art Show



MAITEMAZZ (Teresa Delfino). Lives and works in the City of Buenos Aires. University Studies: Advocacy (UBA 1984) and Visual Arts with a Drawing orientation (received at IUNA, 2012). Silver Medal at Expo Dubai (2022). First Prize Photography In Memoriam (2021). First Prize Photography Vicariate Rome (2019).


MAITEMAZZ works with elements which it redefines. Weave wefts and build with discarded elements. Build from metropolises to metallic blankets. His work is sustainable. It has recycled beverage caps and wine caps as a symbol of encounter between men, joy, fun, love. She has also created the Casitas series, where nothing is lost. Thus she was arming these houses with disused material, especially metals. She likes to work with modules because the work remains open to infinity.

Title: Manta
Medium: Metal
Year: 2021
Dimensions: 70 x 90 cm

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