Media Point Program 2021

With the curatorship of Vero Santalla, the Media Point section of Pinta Concept features talks and interviews with collectors, gallery owners, curators and artists involved in the field of contemporary Latin American art. They will reflect on new narratives and the vindication of art in the face of the dispute; the challenges of contemporary art as new formats emerge; the social function of images and their circulation in contemporary society; among other interesting topics.

The programme and activities in Media Point are kindly sponsored by Perrier, including Pinta’s auditorium. 

Daily itinerary


Live Virtual Tour: by Oscar Roldán Alzate 


 Dec 1 - 4pm Miami // 6pm. Bs As // Zoom 

A virtual tour through a selection of works and galleries under the gaze of curators and references of the contemporary art scene in Latin America.


Live Talks: ¨The Vindication of Art in the Face of the Dispute¨


 Dec 2 -  4pm Miami // Pinta Miami Auditorium


Ruby Rumié and Nohra Haime will discuss with Oscar Roldán Alzate the link between artistic practices and politics, and new aesthetic experiences.

A special highlight is given in the Solo Projects section to Ruby Rumié, from the Nohra Haime gallery in New York. This Colombian multidisciplinary artist depicts the artist’s responsibility towards the community in a photographic installation that embodies social and territorial heritage as a creative approach to violence and injustice. In the way she portrays her subjects, Rumié provides deep psychological insight and a powerful sense of identity.



Live Talks: ¨Art + Photography + Miami: ABOUT IMAGES Newsletter¨


 Dec 3 - 4pm Miami // Pinta Miami Auditorium


Introducing About Images, a quarterly newsletter produced by artMedia LLC dedicated to technology-based images, particularly photography and video. The production processes, artistic ideas, social functions of images and the ways in which they circulate in contemporary society. 

Gady Alroy (Director), José Antonio Navarrete (Editor), Félix Suazo (Editor) y Raúl Lira (Designer)


Live Talks: Paradoxes of Contemporary Art in the Face of New Technological Formats and Programmed Obsolescence.


 Dec 4 -  4pm // Pinta Miami Auditorium


With Richard Garet, Yucef Merhi y Adriana Herrera Tellez.


Live Talks: Pinta Global


 Dec 4  -  5.30 pm // Pinta Miami Auditorium


Presentation of Pinta Art with Gustavo Koniszczer, Managing Director for Latin America of FutureBrand, global strategy and branding consultancy.


Vero Santalla (Buenos Aires, 1973). With a degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology from the Institute of High Social Studies of the National University of San Martín (UNSAM), she trained in photojournalism at the Argentine Association of Graphic Reporters (ARGRA). Since 2011 she has been developing and coordinating strategic projects and content applied to contemporary art for public and private institutions at national and international fairs, biennials and festivals such as BAphoto, Valparaíso Arts Festival, Bogotá Ibero-American Theater Festival, Encontro de Artistas Novos, Pinta Miami and Gallery Day.