Dec. 5 - 8, 2024
The Modern & Contemporary Latin American Art Show

“Traditional art and the new virtual environment"

December 2 - 4pm

Pinta Miami. The Hangar, 3385 Pan American Drive, Coconut Grove, Miami FL 33133


The fusion of contemporary art and technology in the virtual world is a sign of our times. In this panel, we will explore the possibilities offered by the new virtual world, in terms of NFTs and Metaverse. Experts from the traditional art world and WEB3 will give their point of view on this trend that is here to stay. Panelists include eDIGITAL.ART leaders Diego Paredes and Vinnie Valentin, and Decentraland CEO Agustin Ferreira/, moderated by conceptual artist and Decentraland Museum District ambassador Isabel Englebert.