Dec. 5 - 8, 2024
The Modern & Contemporary Latin American Art Show

Daniel Ricardo Fischer


Under Fischer's direction, Pinta's space and architecture will follow a specially designed curatorial line.




Daniel Fischer

Born in Argentina, Daniel Fischer is trained as an Architect and Visual Artist, and member of the Argentine Association of Art Critics (AACA). He is currently Professor and Independent Curator of Contemporary Art, participates as a researcher and academic for the Society of Morphological Studies in Argentina (SEMA) and was director of the René Bruseau Museum of Fine Arts.

He has obtained scholarships from the Federal Council of Culture, the Telefónica Foundation, the National Fund for Arts, Science and Technology, the Cultural Office of the Spanish Embassy, ​​the Volpe Foundation and the Antorchas Foundation.

Fischer has curated and designed large exhibitions for museums, galleries, and national and international contemporary art fairs and participated as judge in biennials and national and provincial contemporary art salons.

Institutionally, he coordinated the Work Improvement, Production and Analysis Grant for the Antorchas Foundation in addition to carrying out activities for the Centro Cultural Rojas of the Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires (U.B.A). He was the annual curator of the Vórtice exhibition program at the Emilio Caraffa Museum of Fine Arts, Córdoba and from 2013 to 2015 he was the exhibitions designer at the Museum of Contemporary Art of the Province of Buenos Aires, MAR Museum. In 2010 he was Guest Curator at The Contemporary Latin American Art Fair, UK. and gave talks about art, conservation and cultural heritage internationally. 

He is currently doing his Doctorate of Arts at the University of La Plata and collaborating with the Pinta fairs as an Architect.