Dec. 5 - 8, 2024
The Modern & Contemporary Latin American Art Show

Pinta Miami 2023: A New Edition Comitted to The Dissemination of Contemporary Latin American Art

This year, Pinta Miami celebrates its 17th edition at The Hangar in Coconut Grove. Located in a privileged place with a strong historical character, The Hangar used to be a Pan American Airlines base. Today, the space retains its functionality and combines elements of nature. The layout is completely flexible, with an open floor plan and abundant natural lighting. Including meeting, lounge and enjoyment spaces, the experience at The Hangar is complete. The spacious, state-of-the-art entrances connect water and land, the natural and the architectural, creating a unique environment for art.

Pinta Miami will bring together artists, curators, gallery owners, collectors and art lovers to experience the best of contemporary Latin American art.

In line with Pinta's commitment as an international platform to energize and disseminate Ibero-American modern and contemporary art, and with a stronger link than ever with its Latin American roots, this 2023 edition presents an artistic program that includes the participation of gallery groups from countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Spain.

This year, Pinta Miami will be curated by Irene Gelfman, Pinta Art's global curator, who will also develop the Main Section and RADAR proposals; Giuliana Vidarte will curate NEXT; Felix Suazo will curate several special projects outside the fair; and architect-curator Daniel Fischer will curate the fair's design and spatial layout.

With vision and creativity, these renowned curators will work to highlight the voices of individual artists and celebrate the American imaginary.

In addition, Pinta features a virtual content platform that transcends borders: Media Point. The main intention of this section is to create unique audiovisual content that consists of talks with experts, videos where different artists explain in depth their work, their research and aesthetics, and virtual tours of the fair, among other things.

In this way, Pinta becomes an exceptional showcase that not only highlights the outstanding quality of Latin American art, but also combines exclusivity and long-standing recognition with the intention of enhancing the voice of the artists and their social, cultural and ecological concerns. It combines the offline with the online and connects art lovers with art creators; Pinta is more than a fair, it is a concept.